Pine Bush Bible Camp Projects

Looking to help out on some maintenance projects at Pine Bush Bible Camp?


  • Trim branches around buildings & roofs
  • Clean Debris from various locations around camp
  • Clean moss from cabin roofs
  • Power wash various locations around camp
  • Repair crack & resurface blacktop
  • Shampoo Carpets in Nurses Facility and Lodge
  • Remove stumps and stones around camp


  • Painting and staining various cabins
  • Sanding and staining the deck of the lodge and the Farmhouse
  • Painting various baseboard radiators around camp
  • Patching and painting various interior walls in cabins and dining facility


  • Plant a tree line of 9 foot pines along the road in front of the camp property
  • Repurpose the “camp verse sign” in a camp artifact wall art
  • Research, design, order, and install Reflective building signage
  • Create sign for all camp locations (The Village, The Woodlands, The Quad)
  • Add Knotted pine to the interior walls of the dining facility
  • Create a corner area for staff fridge, coffee, countertop and cabinets.
  • Revamp the canteen with a fresh modern feel
  • Remove all fences around the gardens of camp
  • Revamp the first floor of the Farm house.
  • Create a Miniature Golf course!


  • Repair dripping faucets throughout the dinning room, and other various camp locations
  • Complete the bathroom project on The Bear Den cabin
  • Repair the master bath in the Farm House


  • Well house heater repair / replacement, also address the electrical outlets along the wall
  • Address the power line leading to the chapel, mount it properly to a pole
  • Research Solar Power


  • Replace fascia boards with vinyl on the canteen, look into a total revamp into the canteens look and feel. Possibly insulating for Air Conditioning.
  • Repair the back fence of the canteen, recycle area
  • The Quad cabins are in need of new footings to be poured and repair to all the decks
  • Investigate insulation and finishing walls and ceiling for the Craftshop, also install Air Conditioning. Extend roof, and extend footprint for larger work space
  • Repair the Farm House decks, and add railings
  • Convert the Bathroom near the Woodlands to function as Public bathroom.
  • Investigate insulation, finishing the walls & ceiling for the Chapel. Also air conditioning.
  • Update the basement of the lodge.
  • Build a Pavilion near the pool area to work as an outdoor covered game room.
  • Build a Pavilion over the half the blacktop.
  • Repair leaks on dining room roof

There are a number of repair, maintenance, and project tasks that need to be completed at camp. With the weather cooling off, now may prove to be a great time to come to camp and complete some of these needed tasks before the snow flies! Please click + on the categories under the pictures to the left to expand each category to see what projects would fit your schedule and skills. Some are big tasks and others are smaller and more general in nature. Please see where you can help. Indicate your project preference below as you complete the questionnaire.

Paul Fox (camp caretaker) will receive your completed information and get back to you with specifics.

Thank you so much for your involvement with Camp. It has been a strange summer with not having our sessions take place, but we trust that the Lord’s hand is in each of these circumstances. Thanks for all you do.